Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This One's For You, Father Michael Moynahan, SJ

Conversion as Christian Spirituality.  Excerpts:
...Haters come and go, zealots (who are always dangerous, no matter what side they’re on) come and go, but Christ remains, for Christ is Eternal. And Christ changes things. That has been true for 2000 years. The reality of Christ, experienced, changes us. I am not talking about churches, or about gatherings or fellowships – you can come up “in the church” and never have the experience of knowing Christ. You can go for 60 or 70 years with nothing but a vague hunch and a sense that something about church feels alright to you (or, that it doesn’t, but church is what everyone does, so…)

But there is a moment in most lives – in all lives, I believe, when Christ knocks and you let open the door, (what we call in our family the “milk-and-honey moment”). It is not a lucky moment, truth be told. It often occurs when you are in the dregs of despair – sometimes it takes despair for us thick-necked creatures to finally look up and say, “yeah, I really am making a balls of it, over here…”

That Milk and Honey moment, it changes us. It turns a ne-er do well drunk into the sort of man who can be a president able to withstand a mountain of worldwide abuse and maintain his composure. It turns a political conspirator into a prison chaplain. It saves a wretch like me...

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